Life as usual in my house is pure madness. We still have our house guests plus 1 more now totaling 11. I have a new part-time job as a dental assistant 3 days a week and still work on the side doing embroidery when needed. I miss my gentleman like crazy but still see him occasionally.The very best part of the dental assistant job is they are gonna fix my smile for me:} So within a few months I’m gonna have my pearly whites back.

Hubby is at the motorcycle shop non stop trying to get and keep things running. The kids have been a big help with us working and stepping in to help with the younger ones.

I have gone back to homeschooling my oldest. She hates it and fights me every step of the way. I keep trying to motivate her by telling her she can graduate early if she would just apply herself.

I am sitting here enjoying the almost never peace and quiet that comes so far and few between. I have gotten lucky and Aiden is still sleeping. He was up late last night though so it”s a balance. He is absolutely wonderful and growing like crazy. We finally have legal custody. We went to court back in March. Now we are just waiting to have fewer in the household so that we can start the adoption process.

I know I complain about my madness but I have to say really the only thing I would change would be to have fewer people but other than that I wouldn’t change anything.


I am getting so fed up with the crap at my house. We have had house guests since November. It was agreed that they would be here only for a short period of time and it could never look like they lived here. My house constantly looks like a tornado has run through it. I am very ready for my own space back. I have informed my husband that we need to sit down and have a discussion with them and give them until April to be out. They haven’t contributed to the bills and they are using my car.

I have thought that I am only reacting this way because of my recent surgery and I seem to be overly sensitive to things these days but I have just had enough. I love them dearly but it’s time to go.


How do you truly say Thank You to someone for just being who they are? I have such a person in my life and I don’t think she really knows just how important she truly is to me. She is the one person that as soon as I hear her voice I know things are going to be okay. I never have to ask for anything she just always seems to know when I need to talk, or cry or just plain yell for a few minutes without judgement.I wish we had had the opportunity to know each other growing up and it took us quite a while to get to where we are today but I really don’t think I would go back and change things because it developed our sister-ship/ friendship to what it is today.

It brings us back to there are no accidents in life, everything happens the way it does for a reason. I think we needed to go through the tough end of our relationship so that we could evolve into our friendship we have today. I just never know how to say thank you. I know I’m never happy when i get called in the middle of the night for this and that and yet she always answers. She gets stuck doing the things that no one else would even volunteer to do, like go pull an all nighter sitting at the hospital with me when mom or one of the kids are sick or drive an hour out of the way to come and take me to the hospital when I’m to stubborn to go myself.

She came down on Monday to spend the night so that she could take me to the hospital for my surgery on Tuesday. Now some of you are probably asking yourself where was my husband and why wasn’t he taking me? He took part of the day off to stay with the baby but he had to work. With me being off work for so long we really couldn’t afford the time he did take off, but we will make it we always do.

After i was all prepped up for surgery I looked at her and told her Thank You for being the one that has to do all the crappy jobs for our family. She just laughed at me. So Thanks again. I love you.


I can’t believe that Aiden will be 2 months old on Monday. There has just been so much going on that I have lost track of time. I am sitting here recovering from my hysterectomy that I had on Tuesday. I feel like I have been run over by a truck. I have been stuck with the kids since I came home on Wed. Aiden fusses unless I hold him and it’s so hard cuz he won’t sit still. The older kids are trying but make things harder if that makes sense at all. I’m tired but I can’t sleep because I can’t get comfortable.

I’m feeling very overwhelmed right now. I’m so emotional that all I want to do is cry. I had my very first hot flash last night and had to strip down to my under ware and lay under the fan.

Everyone here has had the stomach flue since last week and guess who it hit last night. That’s right me. Throwing up and diarrhea half the night. I tore open a few of my incisions.

I was in a whole world of pain today, again all the kids home from school sick and now the baby is sick. Hubby had to come home early to take him to the doctor. He has the stomach flue, still has remnants of thrush and the beginnings of pink eye.

Last week Zoe had her first sweetheart dance at school. They are all growing up so fast. I still have a house full with my brother in law and hs family here. She is working everyday and they are no closer to having their own place.

I will just be glad when the time comes and I get my house back.


It seems like it has been forever since I’ve posted. I can’t believe that Aiden is over a month old now. We had his 1 month check up on Monday and he has finally hit the growth charts. He has grown 3 inches and gained almost 4 pounds. He has had trouble with the formulas and we have switched it several times because of the severe gas issues and what we had considered to be constipation. He would just scream and scream just to pass gas. I had him back at the doctors and they said he had colic.

I met with the Wic people and they reccomended a few formulas to try and low and behold it worked. Nutramagin worked wonders along with the gas drops. He doesn’t scream now and I actually was only up once last night instead of all night.

Other than that he is as beautiful as ever and my pride and joy.

The Newest Addition To the Shackleford Family

The Newest Addition To the Shackleford Family

This is Aiden the newest member of the family. He was born December 23, 2008 @ 4:41 pm. Weighing in at a whooping 5 lbs 14 oz and 17 inches long. He was estimated to be much bigger. it was a difficult journey with 2 days of labor in the hospital and things were quite scary for a while for both mom and baby, but he has proved to be quite the fighter. He came home Christmas day to meet the rest of the family. He has stolen the hearts of all that have seen him.


I guess so that the rest of the world can think I’m as nuts as my family seems to think………….

I was looking through a popular web sight and came across a want add for someone looking for a friend. I opened it and read it. It was very simple basically stating that she has lived in the area for quite a while but had no friends and was just looking for someone to talk with. I didn’t reply at first but kept thinking about it. I told my family that I thought about replying and of course I got teased.

I just kept coming back to this ad and kept thinking “who posts a want ad for a friend”. So I replied via email and we exchanged several before giving phone numbers. We talked several times on the phone for about an hour each time. She isĀ  several years older than I but we had similar interests and each of us are kinda in the same boat as far as friends. I work all the time and have no time for socialization other than the 20 phone calls a day between my sisters. I have been feeling like my “friends” and I have just grown apart and have different interest. They still do the whole club thing and I don’t. I am more layed back and like being at home.

She was persistent about wanting to meet, so I agreed to meet her at the local mall. I called my trusty big sis and said hey wanna come with me? ( She did). I am so glad that I went. It was so much fun just walking around with no true purpose, talking adult conversation and getting to know about each other. We did female bonding. I would love to try to do this at least once a month where the ladies just get out and do nothing. I actually got to go into stores that I had never been in just because I had no purpose to go, it was great. I was gone 8 1/2 hours with no rush to be anywhere.

I look forward to my next trip. I hope sis will come too!!!!!


I went back to the “female” doctor today and things didn’t quite go as expected. I had the internal sonogram done then met with the doctor.

The doctor was in and out of the room within 3 minutes. He came opened the folder and stated that there was a problem with the sonogram and that the normal uterus is 12 cm thick and that mine is right around 28 cm. Not normal it could be one of several different things and even mentioned the “C” word but went on to say we are in the elimination process right now and that I would have to return yet again for another sonogram where they fill the uterus with fluid to help define things. I did catch that their is a biopsy in my future once they can identify the growth. I was so confused. Of course they can’t fit me in until after the first of the year.

I go for my mammogram on Wed.


First and foremost I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Ours went as well as expected. There’s always some sort of drama every year and this was no exception.

I have had entirely too many people in my house. We were already over crowded with 10 now add 6. I want my house back. I will be taking “gentleman” home tonight because I have things there that need to be done before Tuesday and will be busy all day Monday. I haven’t been sleeping at all just a few hours here and there. I’ve been under the weather and to top it all off had that pesky monthly visitor stop by a few days early while out shopping on Black Friday. That’s a whole nother story in it’s self. My first and possibly last time out.

I’m a little bit stressed at the moment. I finally made it to see the female doctor and have to have a few test done. He found 2 lumps so I have to go for another mammogram. I’m not to worried because I had found 1 like 2 years back and had it removed and it was normal. he’s concerned about the 1 I showed him because it hurts. I found it like 2 months ago and had been waiting for my insurance.

I’m waiting on the results of my pap test but have to go back on Monday to have an ultrasound done because the visual exam didn’t appear normal. I have had terrible problems in the past and It’s been like 11 years since I had an exam done so no big surprise there. I’ll let you know what happens because they are doing the ultrasound then I’m meeting with the doctor.

On a happier note I go with sis on Friday to have her ultrasound to check the positioning of the baby. He will officially be here in 3 weeks just in time for the boss to go out of town again.


Okay so as you all know I have recently added to my household. I have 2 say for 9 people we are doing pretty good. It’s just extremely loud. I was spending quite a bit of time in my room, it’s some what quiet in there. I have been staying at “gentleman’s” house this past week. All in all it’s been unusually quiet there. A little noise here and there but that’s it. Thank Goodness. I came home for the first time yesterday. Boy I should have stayed away. Not much of anything had been done while I was gone. So I cleaned up a bit and started painting. I got the kitchen and dining room done yesterday and will be working my way through the house today. I’m trying to get it all done before Thanksgiving. I was asked why now? The baby will be here in 4 weeks so if I don’t get it done now then when right?

I have almost finished the baby blanket I have bee working on just a few rows left but I have a dilemma. I would like to attach a nice piece of material so that it’s not so itchy but how would you do it? Any suggestions?

The girls have been getting along okay for the most part. They need a little work on completing their chores correctly and timely, and they need to learn that there are other things that also need to be done without asking otherwise things just fall apart. For instance when I came home yesterday they were on the PlayStation. I politely asked “what are you doing” the reply I got was “nothing” I said I can see that do you not think that with the condition the house is in that you shouldn’t be doing something. I was ignored for about 10 minutes before they finally moved then I didn’t really get much out of them.

Jeff has been super busy trying to get the bike done so we can get it up for sale by the end of the weekend.

I am prepared for Thanksgiving. I will be back home on Wed. so I can start my rituals of cooking all night. I have so much to be thankful for this year and am glad to have family to share it with.